Love Letter of the Month: Luna and Chilly

Most of you know that the reason for starting this blog was my reactive baby girl Bailey. I wrote about our special connection here. She is my first dog and a really big challenge, but I always knew I’m going to have more than one. I wanted a second dog for years, but was hesitant due to Bailey’s reactivity and co-dependency. What if I adopt another dog and she hates him? Or worse, what if I adopt another dog and she makes him reactive too? There was a lot of fear, doubt and even disapproval from my environment, but nonetheless I have decided to trust all the knowledge I have acquired over 4 years and adopt another dog. I trusted that Bailey and I were ready!

On 26th of March 2016, Chilly came into our lives. He is a tiny rescued border collie and the joy of my heart. He is the sweetest and most amazing boy in the world. He is calm, patient, curious, adventurous and beyond energetic. All of my fears were completely ridiculous, because he has been very helpful in my work with Bailey. They have a special connection and I love watching their bond grow. Today is 20 months since his adoption day and I want to celebrate this occasion with dedicating November’s love letter of the month to him!



Written by Luna C. Lupus

My dear sweet Chilly,


This might be a love letter, but it’s also a gratitude letter. I am so thankful for you, I’ll never be able to fully put in words. Thank you, thank you, thank you.


Thank you for coming into our lives. You are more than I ever could have dreamed of. The ultimate joy of my heart, a daily lesson in unconditional love and the little creature that makes my heart grow. I always think I have it all figured out, but then you teach me something new every single day. You teach me that an aching heart is still capable of so much love, that there is always a second chance at life and that we can go through pain with grace if we only open ourselves to curiosity and adventure.


Thank you for loving our Bailey as much as you do. Thank you for being patient with her. She really needs you. Every time she gets upset over a loud noise, you stay calm and I notice her looking to you for stability. I notice myself looking to you, too. Before you came to us, it was just me. Nobody understood Bailey’s issues as much as I did and to the same extent, they didn’t understand her gentle, loving, calm side either - because they never got to see it, as she only shows it in the safety of our bedroom. You changed that. Your stability showed her that the world is safe and that nothing bad is going to happen. And when she does have a bad moment, I am not alone to deal with it anymore, because you are right there beside me.


When you and I combine forces, we are Bailey’s best support team in the world! She’s become so much more interested in the world ever since you’ve been in it. You truly are the best thing that ever could have happened to us. You fit with us so right, it was always meant to be. The bond and dynamic the three of us have goes beyond words, common sense or this lifetime.


Thank you for being my adventure dog. I always wanted a dog that I could take on long carefree walks or in the park or everywhere else I might go. I had to grieve that part with Bailey, but I did find it with you. Our long morning walks are so healing for me. I love to watch you explore the surroundings and practice tricks in the park. I love it how you trust me even when you are afraid. Slowly but surely you are going to leave your past behind and become even braver than you already are!


Thank you for pushing me out of my comfort zone and for taking my knowledge of canine psychology to another level. Working with you is such a joy. Your sensitive nature and an eye for detail have made me more mindful in how I communicate and what I pay attention to. You help me focus on the here and now.


When I look into your warm brown eyes or when I see you do your jumping tricks, I am centered in the present. There’s no place else I’d rather be.


When I got Bailey, I found my soulmate. A being that feels like the other half of me. Someone with a story so like mine, it’s sometimes impossible to help her without helping myself first. When I got you, I found my best friend in the universe. You are my joy, Chilly. You’ve shown me aspects of life I didn’t know before. You’ve made me a better human and a better mom. You are always challenging me to be adventurous, to be an explorer and a wanderer. You inspire me to be curious about the world and to chase every single butterfly I encounter. Your love for adventure has woken up a side of me I wasn’t in touch with before. I keep my eyes open now and I am not afraid to chase the unknown.


My love for you grows every day.
You are so incredible, my heart might burst!


It takes everything in me not to cry with humility when you fall asleep on my lap. I wonder how I deserve all this love. How did I get so lucky? How did I ever live without you? I know it’s only been a year, but the time before you seems like such a distant memory. You’ve brought so many changes, all of them resulting in pure joy.


Thank you for being Bailey and mine’s source of stability, playfulness and courage. We both love you more than we can possibly explain or understand and your arrival filled this house with more love, joy and loud barking than I ever thought possible.


Thank you for everything that you are and for loving us with so much grace.
You mend us.


Love, mommy


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