Love Letter of the Month: Luna and Chilly

Most of you know that the reason for starting this blog was my reactive baby girl Bailey. I wrote about our special connection here. She is my first dog and a really big challenge, but I always knew I’m going to have more than one. I wanted a second dog for years, but was hesitant due to Bailey’s reactivity and co-dependency. What if I adopt another dog and she hates him? Or worse, what if I adopt another dog and she makes him reactive too? There was a lot of fear, doubt and even disapproval from my environment, but nonetheless I have decided to trust all the knowledge I have acquired over 4 years and adopt another dog. I trusted that Bailey and I were ready!

On 26th of March 2016, Chilly came into our lives. He is a tiny rescued border collie and the joy of my heart. He is the sweetest and most amazing boy in the world. He is calm, patient, curious, adventurous and beyond energetic. All of my fears were completely ridiculous, because he has been very helpful in my work with Bailey. They have a special connection and I love watching their bond grow. Today is 20 months since his adoption day and I want to celebrate this occasion with dedicating November’s love letter of the month to him!



Written by Luna C. Lupus

My dear sweet Chilly,


This might be a love letter, but it’s also a gratitude letter. I am so thankful for you, I’ll never be able to fully put in words. Thank you, thank you, thank you.


Thank you for coming into our lives. You are more than I ever could have dreamed of. The ultimate joy of my heart, a daily lesson in unconditional love and the little creature that makes my heart grow. I always think I have it all figured out, but then you teach me something new every single day. You teach me that an aching heart is still capable of so much love, that there is always a second chance at life and that we can go through pain with grace if we only open ourselves to curiosity and adventure.


Thank you for loving our Bailey as much as you do. Thank you for being patient with her. She really needs you. Every time she gets upset over a loud noise, you stay calm and I notice her looking to you for stability. I notice myself looking to you, too. Before you came to us, it was just me. Nobody understood Bailey’s issues as much as I did and to the same extent, they didn’t understand her gentle, loving, calm side either - because they never got to see it, as she only shows it in the safety of our bedroom. You changed that. Your stability showed her that the world is safe and that nothing bad is going to happen. And when she does have a bad moment, I am not alone to deal with it anymore, because you are right there beside me.


When you and I combine forces, we are Bailey’s best support team in the world! She’s become so much more interested in the world ever since you’ve been in it. You truly are the best thing that ever could have happened to us. You fit with us so right, it was always meant to be. The bond and dynamic the three of us have goes beyond words, common sense or this lifetime.


Thank you for being my adventure dog. I always wanted a dog that I could take on long carefree walks or in the park or everywhere else I might go. I had to grieve that part with Bailey, but I did find it with you. Our long morning walks are so healing for me. I love to watch you explore the surroundings and practice tricks in the park. I love it how you trust me even when you are afraid. Slowly but surely you are going to leave your past behind and become even braver than you already are!


Thank you for pushing me out of my comfort zone and for taking my knowledge of canine psychology to another level. Working with you is such a joy. Your sensitive nature and an eye for detail have made me more mindful in how I communicate and what I pay attention to. You help me focus on the here and now.


When I look into your warm brown eyes or when I see you do your jumping tricks, I am centered in the present. There’s no place else I’d rather be.


When I got Bailey, I found my soulmate. A being that feels like the other half of me. Someone with a story so like mine, it’s sometimes impossible to help her without helping myself first. When I got you, I found my best friend in the universe. You are my joy, Chilly. You’ve shown me aspects of life I didn’t know before. You’ve made me a better human and a better mom. You are always challenging me to be adventurous, to be an explorer and a wanderer. You inspire me to be curious about the world and to chase every single butterfly I encounter. Your love for adventure has woken up a side of me I wasn’t in touch with before. I keep my eyes open now and I am not afraid to chase the unknown.


My love for you grows every day.
You are so incredible, my heart might burst!


It takes everything in me not to cry with humility when you fall asleep on my lap. I wonder how I deserve all this love. How did I get so lucky? How did I ever live without you? I know it’s only been a year, but the time before you seems like such a distant memory. You’ve brought so many changes, all of them resulting in pure joy.


Thank you for being Bailey and mine’s source of stability, playfulness and courage. We both love you more than we can possibly explain or understand and your arrival filled this house with more love, joy and loud barking than I ever thought possible.


Thank you for everything that you are and for loving us with so much grace.
You mend us.


Love, mommy


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Love Letter of the Month: Maria and Shark

People who take control of their own lives and futures are one of my favorite people in the world. There is so much strength and inspiration to be found in those special souls who prove to us every day that the life you want is just waiting out there for you to live it. Everything is possible, so long as you have the courage to chase your dreams! Maria's story has taught me that. 

When I first found her incredible blog The Tropical Dog I was absolutely amazed by the life she shares with her dog Shark. They travel the world together, like true friends always do, chasing adventures and writing about it from an incredibly realistic perspective. Her blog offers numerous travel tips and adventure stories, proving that a dog can be your best companion even if you are a passionate traveler - or maybe especially so! 

Maria wrote a beautiful love letter to her sweet Shark. Their story is truly unique, one that reminds us unconditional love is stronger than any obstacles! Today is also Shark's 4th birthday, so I'm wishing a big big big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to this charming pup! <3 

Maria and Shark 4.JPG


Written by Maria Himmich

My Sharkylove,

Today, we are celebrating your 4th birthday. I know the precise date because I know you since your very first day. Your mother, who was originally my neighbor’s dog, was abandonned to her fate and had become a stray dog. When I woke up on that October 13th, 2013 you were huddling with 3 other puppies out of the window of my bedroom. Your mother chose to give birth in my garden. I like to think that it was destiny.

At that time, I lived in Rodrigues, a small tropical island lost in the Indian Ocean, near Mauritius. I
worked for the local French Alliance. I had to leave a year later to get back to Europe, then find
another job somewhere else.

My life was absolutely not stable. I wanted to be a nomad and travel the world as much as I could. Like many people, I liked the idea of having a dog some day, but now was definitely not the right time.

So when I first saw you with your brothers and sisters in my garden, I thought I could not deal with that "problem" and told my neighbor to take care of her dog and her puppies. Unfortunately, that irresponsible woman tried to get rid of you.

Maria and Shark 1.jpg

The next day, after she took your little family back, I got woken up by your cries, the we-need-help kind of cries. Your mom was also barking. I waited for almost an hour, trying to convince myself that it was not my problem. Then I decided to go to my neighbor’s garden to see what was going on. I found you and the other puppies stuck under a large piece of metal sheet in the glaring sun. Your mother couldn’t reach you and was going crazyAs to my neighbor, she had left to work and had deliberately put you there to let you die.


I did what I think every normal human being should do. I rescued all of you and took you and your mom back into my garden.

I kept you for 5 weeks, then I started to look for friends who wanted to adopt a dog. You were the last puppy left to give but I decided to keep you, just a little longer. Days became weeks, weeks became months and by the time the end of my work contract arrived, you had totally won my heart. It was just impossible for me to leave you behind, even though I had no clue how I was going to travel with a large dog from the Indian Ocean to Europe.


As Rodrigues island was very tiny, I had to travel to Mauritius to buy your vaccines and a travel container for the flight. Of course, my family and friends thought I was crazy. They told me I could not keep on traveling the world with a dog. Well, I did not care. The only thing I knew is that we had so much more things to live together.

Maria and Shark 2.JPG
4 years later, we have traveled to 9 countries : Mauritius, Morocco, France, Greece, Colombia, Peru, Bolivia, Chile and the USA.

We run a doggy travel blog together. We have shared so many crazy adventures, met so many new friends, had so much fun and created so many unforgettable memories… You have become my travel buddy, my bodyguard, my personal trainer and my source of joy.

I feel so grateful for each of the million of smiles you have already brought me.

Of course, I know some day you will have to leave me and my heart will broke into pieces. That is life and I can do nothing about it. What I can certainly do, though, is enjoy every single day we have the chance to live together. My Sharkylove, I promise to do my best to make that sparkle in your eyes shine as often and as long as I can.

Thank you for sharing my adventurous spirit. Thank you for your unconditional love. Thank you for being so funny without willing to. Thank you for protecting me all the time. Thank you for trusting me.

Happy birthday my little piece of tropical heaven!

I love you,


Wow. No matter how many times I re-read this letter, I'm always in awe - and tears. Big thank you to Maria for sharing her words with us. Your friendship with Shark is one of the most inspirational friendships and companionships I've ever seen and I'm so lucky to know you! If your travels ever bring you to my little country of Slovenia, we totally need to meet! <3

Check out Maria and Shark's incredible travels featured on their fantastic website The Tropical Dog

You should also follow them on Facebook and Instagram, to see their epic daily adventures - and wish Shark a very happy birthday today!!!! :) 


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Love Letter of the Month: Hannah and Jax

My dearest readers! September has found its way to us and it's time for a new love letter of the month! I wept reading this letter (something tells me I'm going to do this with ALL the letters) because it is so very honest. No sugar coating in this one, just plain truth. We like to plan out our life down to the very last bit but sometimes it doesn't work out the way we had hoped. In such moments, it pays off to stay positive and believe in the good things that are yet to come. You never know when you might meet a soulmate dog; or a soul-mutt as Hannah, today's featured dog mom, calls her precious pup Jax. 

Hannah is a reader of this blog and she submitted her letter via email. I felt very touched and inspired by her story. I often speak to readers who have had to make decisions that I find so heavy. Hannah's first adoption didn't work out as they had all hoped, but she refused to give up on rescue dogs and because of that, Jax has a loving home today - and we have another letter to sob over! 


A Love Letter to Jax

Written by Hannah Gibbs

Dear Jax, 

You've stolen my heart, and I'm so glad you did. 

I have to admit you were not the first dog I fell in love with, there were Jordan and McGuire. I've always grown up with dogs, none of them were rescues, but I came to learn how much love a dog can give you. Neither of them could have prepared me for the love you would give me. 

I promised myself that I would not graduate college without coming home to my very own dog. I also have to admit that you were not my first choice, nor would you be available to adopt on that Thursday I came to the animal shelter. Unfortunately, my first choice did not get along with my family, including your nephews, Jax. With a heavy heart, I had to return him to the animal shelter. My heart healed when I saw how happy he was to see his favorite staff member.

That's when I met you, Jax. As I was walking into the shelter, a volunteer was taking you on a walk. I will never forget the smile on your face as you were heading outside. That's when I knew I needed to bring you home. I told myself that I was just emotional, and I can't let my emotions make a decision that would define my future for the next however many years. 

I visited with the other dogs at the shelter, but I kept looking for you. When you finally came back for your walk, with your tongue hanging out, and your tail wagging at top speed, I knew you were the one. It was love at first sight, you were my "soul-mutt!" 

I took you home, as you slept on my lap for the hour drive. My heart melted every time you looked up at me with those big brown eyes. I named you Jax, based off of my family and I's favorite TV show character. Little did they know that you would also steal their hearts. 

You would run around the yard with my parent's black lab, Doc, for hours playing fetch or just chasing each other. Doc would steal your food, but you didn't care. My parents were shocked to see how well behaved you were. You did not beg for food, nor did you potty in the house, you did whatever you were told, and did not whine when you were told "no". Whenever I ask my parents to stay with you while I'm away, without hesitation, they say "Yes!" every time. 

Only after a month at my parents' house, I got my first "big girl" job and we were going to move 2 hours away. The smile on your precious face when I rolled down the window, made my anxiety and fears melt away. You would stay by my side as we moved into our new place, an apartment that was pet-friendly. Jax, you have no idea how many hours I spent looking for an apartment that would accept dogs.

You would lick my tears away when I got homesick. You would sleep right next to me at night, just so I would know that I wasn't alone. 

Now, its been four months since we've met, and 3 months since we moved. We've done everything together. We go to the Farmer's Market every Saturday and stop by your favorite dog treat store, I take you back to my parents' house so you can run around with their dog, I even got you DNA tested, so I can learn as much as I can about you.

I was so happy when I saw your DNA results. I was told at the shelter that you were a Coonhound/Pointer mix, but where they way off! Jax, you are an American Staffordshire Terrier, Great Pyrenees and Border Collie mix. Which means you are extremely loyal, intelligent, protective, calm, and watchful. It also means that you get along with children, including your 4 crazy and wild nephews, Hunter, Sawyer, Bear and Brady! It means that you put my happiness and well-being before yours. It means that your heart is so big, and so full of love. 

When I adopted you, the animal shelter staff told me about your past. My heart broke into thousands of pieces.

They said that you were from Tulsa, Oklahoma and was brought to a kill shelter as a stray. You were at that shelter for months and months. Your time was coming to an end and you were transferred to the Cedar Bend Humane Society in Cedar Falls, Iowa. You were quickly adopted out, but your owners then abused you, harmed you, and threatened you. On a stormy night, tied up to a tractor, you stayed up the whole night howling. A police officer drove by, picked you up and brought you back to the shelter.

After a week at the shelter again, I rescued you. No, you rescued me. 

Jax, I promise you this; I promise to love you unconditionally, even if you rearrange my shoes around the apartment, bark at any living thing that walks by our window day or night, and specially after you got into my camera equipment.

I promise to never leave you, I will always bring you with me, no matter where life takes us. If my job moves us to Europe, then I will be getting you a passport because you are moving too (don't worry their ice cream is even better!).

When I get married and have kids of my own, you will be right there with me. I know you will be my children's favorite thing to cuddle and run around the yard with.

Lastly, I promise you can always sleep in my bed, because honestly who could resist that precious face of yours? 

I know that you have a past full of fear and hate, I promise I will make up for those horrible horrible things.

I promise you that I will never hurt you like they did. I promise to calm your fears and worries during every stormy night, to teach you that vacuum cleaners are not scary and hurtful, and most importantly to show you how much love and happiness this world can bring you.

I thank whoever had you first. I thank them for giving me an extremely intelligent, extremely loving, well trained and caring dog.

I also thank you, Jax. You have taught me so so much in these past 4 months. You taught me to enjoy the journey, not the destination. I enjoy car rides with you, as you are soundly asleep next to me, and then you wake up and stick your head out the window with a huge smile on your face. You have taught me to put my phone down and enjoy what is happening right in front of me. Don't worry, if I forget, you will literally knock my phone out of my hands. 

You've taught me to make time for afternoon naps, to enjoy every day in the present, to not worry about the future, and most importantly to love unconditionally, even when it seems impossible. 

Jax, here's to our new adventures together. Here's to many more walks, tons more dog treats, more bowls of ice cream, more afternoon naps in the sun, more late night movies and popcorn, and more car rides. 

I love you more than anything in this world, Jax. 

Love & Always, 


A story about companionship, hope, unconditional friendship and eternal love. My heart is all warm now! Thank you Hannah once again for submitting your letter and writing about your adoption experience from a very truthful place. I am so happy you and Jax have found each other! 

You can support and connect with Hannah by checking out her website

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Love Letter of the Month: Ashley and Titan

If you read my last blog post, you'll know that I have decided to start a passion project with a mission to give rescue dog moms a chance to express their feelings and write an honest letter to their sweet pup. I want to kick off this project with a dear friend of mine Ashley and her darling little chihuahua Titan! Little Titan is reactive but Ashley is one of the most dedicated dog moms I have ever met. The two of them are on such an incredible journey together, I knew her words could inspire and resonate with many of you! When I first read her letter it made me cry and every single time I've read it since, tears have always come. So don't say I didn't warn you - prepare some tissues before you start reading! 


Dear Titan: An Open Letter to my Best Friend

Written by Ashley Nequest

Dear Titan Warren Nequest/Love Bug/Monkey/Chicken/Fluffy Butt,

You changed me. Thank you. 

I imagined myself being the kind of owner that only let their dog on the furniture when they’re invited up, that never let them sleep in the human’s bed. I had visions of having a full social life that didn’t involve me introducing my pet as the main topic of conversation at every possible chance. I was going to be a dog owner; nothing more. And I was… Until we were about 10 minutes into the drive home from the shelter, suddenly a seven-month-old, reactive, rescue chihuahua mix had my entire heart. 

A few days after I brought you home you met Zoe, your favourite poodle, for the first time. I was able to watch you run, play and be a puppy, it was so completely freeing. Though, between rounds you would walk the fence line, sticking your little nose under at every possible opportunity. It took less than ten seconds for you to get your entire body under the gate. By the time I had flung it open you were almost at the street. All I remember is calling your name, which you didn’t know, and dropping to my knees feeling an overwhelming level of helplessness. I also remember the utter relief as you turned around and came flying right into my arms. That was the moment it happened, the exact moment the world shifted and everything clicked into place. That was the exact moment I stopped being a dog owner and became a dog mom. 

The first time I experienced your reactivity was more than a little alarming for me.

I called my mother at 6 a.m. crying because this sweet little thing I brought home had spent the entire night barking at people in the park. You lunged at the end of the leash growling and snarling at every single person we happened to pass. To finish off the night you awoke from a dead sleep having a complete fit due to a child crying on the TV. I was terrified, you were terrified and all I wanted was to give you a loving home when someone else had given up on you. 

I’m sorry it took me so long to realize what you were going through, I wish I had understood from the very beginning. I wish someone had told me that you were scared, that my anger wasn’t helping. I wish I had done better. I wish I didn’t waste months trying to figure out how to “fix” you when you were already so incredibly perfect. I wish I had seen you for the blessing you are right from the start, maybe you wouldn’t be as afraid now. Some days I still grieve the loss of a life I never had, I miss the imaginary trips I took with my fictional “perfect” dog. Most days I know this is better. 


I plan on spending every day of your life making you feel as safe and happy as I can, regardless of the cost. I know the world is a scary place, I find it terrifying as well, but please know I will always protect you. I will stand between you and the other dog, I will stand between you and all of your fears until we are ready to take a step closer. I promise.

Titan, this is my love letter to you, this is my love letter to rescue dog motherhood. I do love every single second of it, both the easy moments and incredibly challenging. There is nothing that makes me happier than waking up to your little paws on my chest as you get a good stretch, nothing makes me as feel as proud as being called a good dog mom and nothing breaks my heart like you feeling overwhelmed. I absolutely love your giant ears and when your lip gets stuck on your tooth, it is both the cutest and the ugliest thing I’ve ever seen. 

You changed me, you changed my very core.

You have taught me to be understanding and patient, when to fight the battle and when to back down. You have proved that I was right about the importance of naps, there is nothing better after a long day of living than a nice long nap under the covers with your best friend. You have taught me to use my words instead of my hands, that love and compassion can do so much more than grabbing and yelling. I will never be able to thank you enough for forcing me to learn how to be something other than angry, to ignore the bad but always reward the good. 

I love you more than I have ever loved anything.

To me you will always be perfect, you will always be a blessing and you will always be my little Snuggle Butt. Thank you for existing. 

Love always, 

Your Crazy Dog Mom

Hands up if you are totally wiping the tears away! (I know I am - again)! Please support Ashley and Titan by following them on Instagram! You'll get to see much more pictures of the sweet little pooch and read about their story and progress! Ashley thank you once again for writing this honest letter and reminding us of what rescue dog motherhood is all about. 

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A Love Letter to Rescue Dog Motherhood


I dubbed this website a love letter to rescue dog motherhood and I meant every word of it.

Having a rescue dog, especially if they are reactive or have other issues stemming from their abusive past, is not always a walk in the park. Sometimes it’s really hard. There are sacrifices that we must make, hard work we must put in but at the end of the day, it’s all worth it. I have always wanted to highlight the hard days too, not just the good ones. It’s important for people to understand the work it takes, rehabilitating a dog that was abandoned by the world. But it’s also important to highlight WHY we do it.

I thought long and hard how to best celebrate rescue dog motherhood. I desperately wanted to include other dog moms as well. First I thought about doing interviews, but it felt too structured. And then I glanced at the title of this blog and it came to me. Letters. I want to feature letters from dog moms to their precious rescue dogs. I want to feature letters that represent WHY we do it and WHY it’s worth it. I want to give dog moms a platform where they can spill their hearts out. Where they can truly write down the truest words and dedicate them to their dogs.

Each month I will feature one amazing dog mom and her letter. You’ll have the chance to read the first letter in a couple of days and I am so excited! This project is so important to me and I can’t wait to honor the deep bond between a human and a dog by publishing these letters.

If you resonate with this message and would like to contribute a letter of your own, please send the letter dedicated to your rescue dog to and we’ll discuss the publishing date together! I would love to feature your words on this platform and share it with other rescue dog moms!

Our dogs are our biggest teachers, cheerleaders, love bugs and friends. They deserve all of the recognition and our love for them may be misunderstood by those who have never loved a dog, but this community is bound by the unconditional love we have for our four-legged children and the hard work we are prepared to do with them, to help them thrive regarding their past abuse or negative experiences.

Thank you for being a part of this journey; I am looking forward to sharing your letters!