Raising my animals with compassion, love and patience is my top priority. Most of us have been brainwashed to believe that animals need a "firm hand" in order to "submit" to us - this is a result of being born into a society that refuses to respect the integrity of animals. People often trust their friends, family and other influences to give them advice on what their animal needs, even though this advice isn't based on any education. There are also (famous) dog trainers out there who are not aligned with the methods of training that are backed by science and basic human instinct of compassion. With all of that said, I want you to take this into consideration: force-free training is THE ONLY method backed by science. I am 100% against all aversive collars and other methods that inflict pain on any animal. YES, these hurtful methods do "work", but they only work for humans, not the animals. Your dog will stop barking if you shock him - your child will stop crying if you shock him for it, too. Mother of Rescues is a platform that stands behind force-free training. I have seen it do wonders for my own traumatized dog, as well as our bond and relationship. If you are looking for more information on compassionate training, these blog posts will help you! ðŸ’™