A New Beginning


Hello my darling rescue dog moms,

I am so happy to be back amongst you. Some of you have known me from my previous blog and some of you may have just found me. Either way, I am so overjoyed that you are here.

Being a mom to a rescue dog (or more than one!) is a tough job sometimes. They often come to us with a story we don’t know much about - only that it wasn’t happy. They come to us with challenges, lessons and insights. But they also come with unconditional love. They come with cosmic understanding of our soul and we find ourselves wondering are we really the ones who rescued them or is it the other way around?

I want this blog to be a love letter to rescue dog motherhood. I will not shy away from the hard topics but you can bet that I will also celebrate the abundance of amazing moments that we share! This life is one of ups and downs and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

I have migrated some of my favorite old posts from the previous blog because I felt that they still resonate with this blog’s message. 

1. An amazing guest post about early socialization, written by my friend Danielle

2. A very raw post about Bailey's co-dependency

3. A celebration of Bailey and mine's journey

4. A video of our last summer adventures. This one is so special to me because it has Lady in it. Lady left us a few months ago due to a tumor but I can promise you she will always have a place on this blog. ❤

I can’t wait to share our stories and journey with you and maybe get to be a part of yours, too.

With much love,

Luna C. Lupus