10 Thoughts You Have When Your Dog is Misbehaving in Public


If you are lucky enough to call yourself a dog owner, you are also lucky enough to have found yourself in a situation at least once when your dog has terribly misbehaved in public. Maybe they peed on your neighbour’s car right in front of them (hello Chilly), maybe they barked their head off at a really cute guy (thanks Bailey), maybe they pooped in the middle of the street (looking at you Ruby) or maybe they decided to cause a scene in a busy coffee shop (darling Lady). We’ve all been there! The thought process that happens in our brain at such moments is described down below! ;)

10 thoughts you have when your dog is misbehaving in public

1. Not now. PLEASE. Not. Now. NOT while they are looking! No no no aaaaaand he’s pooping on their driveway. LOVELY.


2. Don’t make eye-contact. Whatever you do, do NOT make eye-contact and it will be alright. Just look away. Surely they won’t tell you to pick it up if you’re looking away? Maybe you can lie and say he just peed.


3. Am I a bad dog mom if I pretend he’s someone else’s dog?


4. Maybe if I smile they will think I have the situation under control. Maybe I won’t look so embarrassed. Should I chastise him or will that make me look incompetent?


5. You know what, I’ll just talk to my dog like it’s a human being and can understand my complex sentences. That’ll do. (Followed by spoken sentences like “No, mommy doesn’t like it when you do that, we talked about this. Yes we did, didn’t we? Mommy needs you to be a good big boy now.”)


6. After this shenanigan it will be a miracle if any human being on this street ever talks to me again.


7.  Why did I think bringing my dog into this very social area was a good idea?!


8. Let me just fake smile my way through this and drag my dog away even though he is biting the leash and refuses to listen. Is saying “dogs will be dogs” a thing?


9. Okay, I got this. I am a functioning adult dog mom. I GOT THIS. Breathe, just breathe. Don’t panic. I got his favorite toy in my oversized backpack and if I wave it in front of his face I might get his attention. Or would that make me look like a complete lunatic?


10. Well, I’m done. This is it. Best to just wait it out and never show my face here again. I’m 99% sure I am going to be known as that-crazy-dog-lady after this. I wonder if I can put that on my resume.

Do you have any to add? What is going through your head when your dog is misbehaving in public? Write your thoughts in the comments below along with some stories of your dog’s mischief! ;)

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