10 Summer Treats You Can Share with Your Dog

Anyone that knows me well knows that food is like a religion to me! I love creating in the kitchen, I prefer homemade meals to eating out and I definitely love to treat my pups to some healthy treats sometimes! A while ago I came across a recipe for dog treats and the first thing I thought was “Hey, I’d want to eat that too!” So I figured, why don’t I make a roundup of the best dog treat recipes that you and your pooch can totally share! I reached out to my fellow bloggers and this post was born!

During the summer I’ll be testing some of these recipes out and might even share the ups and the downs on our Instagram! Are you following us @motherofrescues yet?!

Now without further ado, here are the best top 10 summer treats that you can share with your dog!


1. Homemade Peanut Butter Banana Treats

Is there anything better than the combination of bananas and peanut butter? No, there isn’t! My Chilly is obsessed with bananas and all three of us love peanut butter so these treats are totally going to be on our must-try list! Thank you Barking Storm for the recipe!

2. Homemade Energy bars

You Did What With Your Weiner is one of my favorite dog blogs out there and this recipe makes it even better! I have a mild obsession with energy bars and when I was in college I made them myself a lot! I haven’t made any in forever, but these are giving me some major cravings! Considering the fact I have two VERY high-energetic dogs, I might not want to share these with them! ;)

3. Peanut Butter and Apple Sauce Cookies

 The rights for this yummy picture are with The Lazy Pitbull!

The rights for this yummy picture are with The Lazy Pitbull!

Bailey will love these, I can already tell! She is obsessed with apples and whenever I’m eating one I don’t have any personal space anymore. Visit The Lazy Pitbull if you want the recipe (and a lot of other super useful resources for dog moms!).

4. Frozen Berry Yoghurt Bites

If your pooch tolerates dairy, yoghurt bites are an amazing treat to share! Who doesn’t love frozen berries on a hot summer day?! My Bailey won’t be able to try these because she’s a bit sensitive to dairy but I’m pretty sure Chilly will be happy to eat them all himself! We’re so thankful to Five Sibes for the recipe!

5. Sweet Potato Fries

Confession #1: I eat french fries literally every week.

Confession #2: I’ve never tried sweet potatoes! They aren’t as popular here in Slovenia as they are in the US, so I’ve never had them before - and neither have my pups! Thankfully I do know where I can buy them and I think this recipe by Beagles & Bargains is a sign that my pups and I should try something new!

6. Doggie Cupcakes

 This tasty picture belongs to Dog Mom Days!

This tasty picture belongs to Dog Mom Days!

Since I am gluten intolerant (boo!), only my puppies will get to enjoy these - and maybe the other family members! I’m not even an avid cupcake maker but this recipe by Dog Mom Days looks too delicious to ignore! When’s the next special occasion coming along? I might turn into a cupcake maker for a day!

7. Pumpkin Dog Treats

When fall rolls into town, pumpkins are the greatest hit! My dogs have never tried them (because the chickens get all the leftovers, haha) but Hiking with Hendrix has a super simple recipe for pumpkin dog treats and maybe once pumpkins are back in season (canned pumpkin puree is not a thing over here), I may surprise my dogs with them!

8. Veggie Bites

You have no idea how obsessed we are with vegetables. First, I’m vegetarian and I hate to sound like a stereotype but I do love vegetables more than life itself, haha! Second, my dogs are big on veggies too! Carrots, broccoli, beans, you name it! Pawbellish has an incredible recipe for veggie bites that only have three ingredients and you can bet we’ll be munching on them on the days momma’s feeling lazy!

9. Dog Ice Cream

That awkward moment when you’re writing about summer treats and almost forget about ice cream! Homemade banana ice cream is one of my favorite things to eat for breakfast, but my “bad dog mom” confession is that I never share it with the dogs - mostly because they’re eating their own breakfast at the same time! Here’s a great recipe by Life With Mutts that you should definitely share with your dogs!  

10. Anti-Inflammatory Biscuits

 This photo - and the handsome pooch - belongs to Proud Dog Mom!

This photo - and the handsome pooch - belongs to Proud Dog Mom!

If you have a dog with a very sensitive stomach (Bailey alert!), you know that introducing them to new foods and homemade treats can be a bit of a challenge. We always take it super slow. I love these simple biscuits from Proud Dog Mom because they truly only have anti-inflammatory ingredients - turmeric among them too! We’ll try these for sure and let you know how they worked out for us!

Which of these recipes is your favorite?! Let me know!

And huge thanks to all dog moms who were kind enough to share these recipes with us!

You rock!

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